Sara Gustafson

I help women discover their deepest truth, ignite healing and live their lives with passion and purpose by embracing the power of the Feminine Divine through intimate conversations, facing uncomfortable truths, and finding the humor in it all.

About Sara Gustafson

Sara Gustafson is a Holistic C.H.E.K Practitioner, corrective exercise coach, nutritionist and spiritual counselor who integrates a whole body approach to wellness. With her other background in studying sociology, human behavior and forensic psychology at Texas State University, she specializes in the metaphysical correlations with physical symptoms, health and athletic ability as well as the sociocultural influences on lifestyle habits and choices. She applies the science of mindfulness to access values and determine specific, attainable transformations through a comprehensive system of online programs and courses, 1-1 counseling and group coaching.

Happy Clients

Sara Gustafson is an incredible healer who has magically guided me to the seat of my soul, where I can confidently embrace my gifts and experience joy in life by sharing with the world!! She has incredible methods and practices of healing the mind and body as one. I began working with Sara because I felt stuck in the pathologies of anxiety, confusion, and fear and limited by the medical practice of simply prescribing more medications to numb it all. Sara taught me how to be with my emotions, transform fear into courage, and accept and utilize every experience in my life as a driving force to also help others. I love you sara! You’re changing the world!

Rhodes Faraday, CA