Noa Lakshmi      

I help women develop the most loving, intimate, and fulfilling relationship with themselves so they can upgrade their lives from the inside out.

About Noa Lakshmi

Noa Lakshmi is a published author, Self-Love mentor, Lifestyle design specialist, inspirational speaker, intuitive astrologer, yoga teacher, and a guide for many. Her mission is dedicated to the transformational power of Love, especially Self-Love, which is the foundation of her work in the world. For over a decade, Noa has worked with many individuals, showing them how to cultivate the most loving relationship with themselves and experience profound healing in their body, mind, heart, and soul.

Happy Clients

I had the luxury of receiving an astrology reading from the brilliant and wise Noa Lakshmi last week. HOLY MOLY, this woman is legit! She gifted me with an understanding about myself that I am so grateful to now see. The very next day, so many clear downloads came through for me in relation to what this year is all about for me. Her way of sharing lit me up, brought clarity and revealed blind spots that I can now see were limiting my highest expression. I am excited to see how this year will unfold for me based on what I learned in that one session. Thank you, Noa, for your wisdom, your clear communication, for seeing me, and for the bonus parting gift of your new book, "Master your life with love", which is filled with so many gems! 

- Maura Rassman