Lola Medicine Keeper

I help woman embrace, express, and enjoy their inner wild.

About Lola

Lola Medicine Keeper is a healing channel, edgewalker, mystical mama, and plant lover. Through herbal medicine, sacred ceremonies, playful rituals, and international adventures, Lola helps you let go of the patterns and habits that hold you back. Explore her wild work, popular podcast, and botanical remedies at

Happy Clients

My gratitude for the guidance over these past months grows exponentially daily; feeling the connections of each teaching deep in my bones as my soul ignites my actions. Things are falling into place effortlessly because of all the focused effort I have been putting in. I LOVE myself more than ever… I LOVE the path I’m on… I LOVE Lola for being such an amazing, powerful, intuitive, loving, compassionate guide.

I am grateful for the transformation I am seeing take place…spiraling upward instead of looping endlessly without progress. I am grateful for all the tools I have been given during this time and even more grateful that they are not rusting away in the shed of my subconscious, but that I want to keep them clean and used so everyday they are as fresh as the first day I was introduced to them. I was never meant to live a mundane life and the simple act of noticing has saved me from that drudgery.

-Briana S.