Hilary Bromberg

I help women see through their cultural programming to attain primal happiness

About Hilary Bromberg

Hilary Bromberg was trained as a cognitive neuroscientist at MIT and Harvard. She runs egg, a sustainability branding and communications firm, and is a founder of Barefoot Provisions — a consciously curated online store for the paleo foodie. Her first book, A New You, is a feminist dystopia. She is currently working on her second book, an instruction manual for this new age: Wake the F*ck up Before It’s Too Late: How to Attain Deep Paleo Happiness, Ditch the Standard American Life, and Make it to the Planetary Era. Hilary speaks widely about sustainability, culture change, food, and branding — at conferences such as TEDx, Ancestral Health Symposium, Paleo f(x), Permaculture Voices, Savory Institute, and Sustainable Brands.

Happy Clients

Your talk on being comfortable in your own skin moved me to tears. I knew a little about how our culture destroys our sense of self image but I had never felt it like I did today. Thank you so much for enlightening me to all the history of this matter.

— Jen F.