Elizabeth Locey

I help women to discover the true power of their spirit, and to scale the seemingly impregnable ramparts of not-enoughness to find wholeness, heart-connection, and their soul's purpose in this lifetime. 

About Elizabeth Locey

Until 2010, Elizabeth was an award-winning professor & scholar of French literature and Women's Studies. She abruptly traded in her red pen for a crystal-topped staff in order to midwife more magick and healing into the world through Akashic Records, crystals, alchemy, and working with the interdimensional Mythic Self. Her loving presence provides a trusty container for expansive spiritual growth as she connects clients with their Legendary natures, fully owning their powerful sacred gifts with no apologies (undercharging) or excuses (getting in your own way). A powerful catalyst and portal, people often find their lives changed after a single conversation with her. Beyond her numerous scholarly works, Elizabeth is a contributing author to a number of international best-sellers, including "The Power of Being a Woman."

Happy Clients

"Elizabeth Locey is one of the most powerful Soul Catalysts I have met. She holds the frequency of the ancient wisdom, as well as incorporating NOW modern knowing into her work. If you feel drawn to work with her, I would encourage you to check her out."

- Danielle Lynn (daniellelynn.com)