Danielle Bryan

I help women shift into a space of Self Love by implementing movement & meditation practices.

About Danielle Bryan

Danielle Bryan is on a mission to spread more LOVE in the world through the modalities of movement, meditation & motivation. She is a Personal Trainer turned Pro Fitness Model turned Yogi turned Meditation Teacher who deeply understands the journey of going within ourselves to create magic & heal from pain. She now coins herself a Transformation Coach who guides women on their journey within through online programs, 1-on-1 connection sessions, weekend retreats, gemstone jewelry & random hugs for everyone she meets. Her over-arching message is that #YouAreTheGuru; and you have the power to heal yourself to create massive positive ripple effects in our world. 

Happy Clients

"Danielle's program has been able to bring to me a different perspective on my journey to become a better individual. She has been able to guide and give me the tools to be successful in meditation. I have been able to focus on healing myself and making myself a better person but it would not have been possible without the guidance, encouragement, and tools that have been given to me from a leader that understands each person and helps the person find their strengths and then work at building upon those strengths. Many of the tools provide a pathway to walk, yet conversations and individual support are geared towards each person which makes the journey to succeed possible."

- Teresa M.